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Name This Poem and Win a Prize!

March 12, 2017

Sometimes thinking up a good title for a poem is like trying to select a name for an unborn child. There are the obvious or “popular” names, but what I’m looking for is something unique like “Heaven Leigh.”

The following poem has been labeled “Untitled,” and I’m hoping you’ll submit your ideas here, so it will finally have a name. It was also posted on this site once before under the title “Equality?”—my grandmother’s choice for a name, not mine.

The prize to the winner is a copy of my poetry book, “Stygian,” shipped to you for FREE!

Everyone is eligible to enter even if it’s your first time to visit this site. Simply leave your entries as a comment to this post. Enter as many titles choices as you like. Have fun with it. I’m looking forward to hearing your suggestions and ideas. Contest closes March 20, 2017. Here it is:
Sean Michael, January 2017

“We must take into consideration the world to come, the faces we will never see.”
—Mohawk Woman

Can we be equal
and yet different
even opposite?

does equality mean similarity
or the same?

To whose standard must we conform?
Who will establish the “universal culture”
of one nation and one state?

To be united
must we be molded?

Imagine a world with one language
and cloned identity
loss of individuality

If culture is melted away
then perspective is lost

Must “equality” be at this cost
when acceptance is free?
To each thine own will be


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  1. Liz Kester permalink

    I would title this “Ponderous” as it is a heavy weight we bear as we consider the future culture.


    • I agree, it is a heavy weight as there are so many beliefs/cultures that conflict and many choose to clash instead of accept. For instance, there was a rapper asked if he’d perform at a gay bar. He said that whatever they want to do is up to them, but he’s not going to perform at a gay club. Suddenly, the medias got him in the spotlight saying he made ‘homophobic comments” and has “issues with homophobia.” He didn’t say anything offensive. He accepted their right to be homosexuals, but the media did not accept his right to disagree with this lifestyle. Must “equality” be at this cost when acceptance is free? To each thine own will be.


  2. Margie permalink

    One World, Many People


  3. Maggie permalink

    Free to Be Different


  4. Grandma permalink

    I like my original pick — “Equality?”


  5. Stephen Kilstein permalink

    Sean in g minor


  6. Stephen Kilstein permalink

    cell block h


  7. Stephen Kilstein permalink

    can we be equal


  8. Ashley permalink

    You Are You, I Am Me


  9. Equality is just an excuse


  10. Anahi Martinez permalink

    Loss of Individuality


  11. Anahi Martinez permalink

    Pouvons-nous nous libérer


  12. Anahi Martinez permalink

    Awaken the Bluebird


  13. Anahi Martinez permalink

    Arrêtez d’être un clone


  14. Anahi Martinez permalink

    Is This What Defines You


  15. Anahi Martinez permalink

    Unity or Death


  16. Anahi Martinez permalink

    Originality is Key


  17. Anahi Martinez permalink

    Liberty or Security


  18. Babel, lost city


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