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Two Minutes to Midnight

March 9, 2017

Sean Michael, February 2017

It’s two minutes to midnight.
Lock your doors and seal your window tight.
There’s a murdering thief stalking the night.

He kills for fun.
He does not use a knife, hammer, or gun.
He uses his teeth and goes straight for the jugular.

If you ever happen to meet him,
Don’t look into his eyes.
He could cast a spell and you’d be hypnotized.

He feasts on human blood.
He’ll catch you if you try to run.
The only thing he fears is the rising daylight sun.

Make sure you ignore that knock at the door,
The one that comes in the middle of the night.
Before you go to sleep, turn on a bathroom light.

Because it’s two minutes to midnight,
There’s a murdering thief stalking the night.
And he just might be coming for YOU this time!


Posted for  dVerse Poets, Open Link Night #192, March 23, 2017


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  1. Yes, will definitely be locking the door for sure !


  2. I wonder what I would do if I ran into him? I’d probably get eaten.


  3. I wonder if he is the kind of thief who cannot enter if he’s not invited… I hope so.


  4. This is definitely NOT a bedtime story! I hope he stubs his toe and falls down a manhole. Methinks our poet had tongue in cheek? lol


  5. I m gonna lock the door but will be standing with a crowbar just in case 😉


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