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I’m Missing You

September 27, 2014

Sean Michael, circa 2004

I’m sitting here thinking of you,

The times we’ve shared and everything we’ve been through,

You’re always on my mind

You’re the love of my life.

We talk on the phone,

I send you letters but still it’s not enough to satisfy my need for you,

to hold you in my arms and cherish all we share,

Whispering the three sweet words that always let me know you care.

I look at your picture and whisper, I love you, although I know you can’t hear me

for we are a distance apart.

Your love is strong in my heart,

I wake up speaking your name. As my heart begins to pound, I know the truest of

true love has been found.

Posted for  dVerse Poets, Open Link Night, September 27, 2014


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  1. the longing is palpable… it’s tough if it is not possible for whatever reason to be unable to see the loved one face to face…


    • It sure is. She was a god girl. For two yard, she visited me once a week and wrote me once a week. When I got sentenced to life, we both knew it was over. She sort’ve refused to let go for a while, and I sort’ve pushed her away. I was young and she was younger. She has a new man now and two kids.


  2. i am glad you know such a love…even if you can not be with her….
    i hope things are going well for you man…


    • Knew such a love–she was a great support throughout my entire time in the county jail. I doubted our love after parting, but there’s still love, just a different love from before.


  3. I think a longing like this make love even stronger… I find love can grow with distance.


  4. i like the form/word shape of your poem as the core of your love is expressed within..and the struggles line through..:)


  5. Love can grow deep and in different ways when there is distance involved. Being physically apart is very difficult, but words go a very long way in a relationship. I hope your beautiful love story has a beautiful ending.


    • Thank you. She was a great girl, and I still love her, just in a different way. I’ll always support her and wish her well. When we separated, she said we couldn’t go back to being friends. I told her there is no going back. we’ve always been friends and always will be.


  6. The sense of longing is truly palpable in this. Beautiful.


  7. Sean, hoping you are able to be with her soon! You are a great poet. Really keep writing, and keep sharing with us! You have talent.


  8. She and I ended long ago, and She was a good girl. This is a poem written near the beginning or middle of our relationship, then was put away for a long time. Grandma found it in the stacks of writing I had saved before going to prison. Thanks, Mary.


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