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October 2, 2014

I’ve just returned to Ad-Seg from the treatment center. I was in treatment, because I flipped out and was thinking suicidal thoughts. From reading the report, I learned I had been banging my head against the wall and the corner of the door hard enough to cause a concussion and black out. I remember being so depressed, so angry, and then losing control. The Treatment Center is a 10-day program, but I wound up staying there for 3 weeks. I did a lot of crying and flipped out one more time. The staff in the Center were very nice, and there was a team of doctors working with me. At first, I was resistant, but I know I need help. All have informed me, it will be a long journey of healing. Now, I’m back in Ad-Seg, a very stressful place to be, and just trying to maintain.

While in the center, I wrote a few songs and poems which was difficult, since I wasn’t allowed to have paper or pen in my room. I went over and over them in my head until I had them memorized to write down when I got out. The poem below is called “Evil Empires,” and was inspired by medieval times and certain books of the Bible, and also, my favorite musician, Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, the album “Countdown to Extinction”, which has a lot of political and historical lyrics. And, of course my Lord and God, the great “I AM.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Evil Empires

In far away lands they plot and schemebattle
The hearts of men are filled with greed
Off they ride at the king’s decree
They come from the North
They come from the South
Waging wars beneath the dark cloud
For riches and splendor
Shun the hands of God so tender
Fight for victory or death, no surrender
The battlefield”s now a field of graves
Where men fought so strong and brave
Bodies lie dead, pierced and maimed
Wife and kids pray for souls to be saved
One kingdom falls. Another shall rise.
Obey God’s call or ye shall die.

Those remaining toss and turn in sleep
Death invades every man’s dreams
Burning rage flows through their veins
“Vindication, I shall claim!”
Armies rouse up once more
Nothing fair in love and war
Invading towns and doing as they please
Slay all men and male offspring
Women and girls in captivity
Taking lives to satisfy blood lust
Raising tribes from the dust
To be the king of kings in who we trust,
The judgement hammer swings and now you’re crushed
One kingdom falls. Another shall rise.
Obey God’s call or ye shall die.


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