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Silent Goodbye

April 6, 2013

by Sean Michael, July 2012goodbye

I take a step forward…
Looking back I hate to see regret,
But I know you will be one more in my wake.
Trailing as the insidious beast stalks its prey,
Hiding like the monsters beneath my bed,
Things that go bump in the night.

Looking back our eyes meet,
Silently saying goodbye.

I take a step forward…
No more looking back.
Your memory is pressed indelibly upon my mind.
I’m sure, tonight when I close my eyes, to see your face.
Your ghost will haunt me.

Instead I venture one more glance..
You are fading in the distance,
Disappearing in the blur of my eyes.

I watch you go,
Silently saying goodbye.

Posted for  dVerse Poets, Open Link Night, June 4, 2015


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  1. I know about indelible memories, and ghosts.


  2. The fading of those memories.. sometimes we really want to say goodbye.. and it is something of a bliss when you can. Too many cases are when we never even had that chance, and maybe doing that in our thoughts is a way of coping.


  3. sometimes letting go heals…


  4. The art work complements your piece. Lovely.


  5. Ah.. to step forward from loss and grief.. is a tool to move
    ahead.. in positive way of life.. as every second
    can be.. to celebrate.. to write the grief.. and
    loss down.. on paper type.. can
    be.. to truly let it.. stay..
    and let it go.. same..
    as living


  6. I find the regret in this interesting, almost an oxymoron coupled with intention to say goodbye. Nice work. Peace, Linda


  7. I love the combination of stream of conscious and meditative spirit. Very cathartic


  8. It can get cluttered underneath the bed…with the ghosts of memories and regrets.


  9. Very powerful poem. We all have our ghosts and demons and they haunt us in different shapes, more or less regularly.


  10. Sometimes I think I have more than others but probably not true…


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