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White Lines Killed My Rhymes

April 12, 2013

I did some experimenting with drugs when I was a little bit younger. I thought that if these substances were supposed to “stimulate my mind,” I’d get high and write a lot. I’d see what sort of eccentric, complicated, golden work I could create. I soon discovered I could not write at all when I was loaded. I scribbled nonsense all across the page. I was rarely able to use any of that stuff after I was lucid. The white lines killed my rhymes! Well.. as you may have noticed, my poems do not always rhyme.

The last couple of months went by and I was unable to write any poetry. My mind was blocked and it was almost a physical pain, like a headache. I’d started poems — a line here, a line there, but I could not get anything fluid going, nothing made sense. It was reminiscent of when I was on drugs, only this time, I was able to discern the fact that I just was not writing well.

Thank God, that’s over. I was listening to “The Essential Alice In Chains,” and I became inspired. I actually wrote a poem about something I’d been trying to write for a while. The final product was far different than all the other versions I had done. It’s called “Can’t Sleep,” and it’s about the demons that sometimes afflict one’s mind late at night. I’ll be submitting it to River Styx Magazine next month and hope to bLog it soon as well.

Gotta go, gotta go, something’s on my mind, and I am going to try and write a poem about it…devil


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  1. LondenBerg by Lord Biron permalink

    bro, I believe that u can take ur poetry & add a candence drum beat to it, then add the base while the lead guitar swings in. It could be lyrics into a band or lyrics acapella. I cant do what u can do, I wish I coud. but u have something amazing that u can take off with. sincerely from the Arthur of “LondenBerg by Lord Biron”.


    • Thanks for the kind words. Sometimes, I do actually sing some of my poems, and I’ve had similar thoughts. Maybe soon I’ll put up a heavy metal song I wrote about neglect and abuse. Yeah, I’ll probably do that soon. A lot of my songs are memorized, and the words come easier that way. I’ll be writing it down and be like … what’s the next line?


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