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In the Name Of

August 16, 2016

Sean Michael, September 27, 2014

A mother pushes a stroller, a tiny infant inside
She makes her way to the crowded plaza
And suddenly the child looses a shrill cry
No one seems to notice or pay them any mind
The mother stands in the midst of those milling about,
praying to her God
A prayer only she seems to hear…

The sixteen year old boy stands before his mother
with pride in his eyes
As she helps him to prepare for his journey,
she tells him that she loves him and will miss him
but deeply admires his sacrifice
And surely God will bless him…

A man waits in his vehicle outside the schoolhouse
The sun is beginning to rise and soon teachers
and students will arrive
He prays to his God for strength
Today he is going to teach the people a lesson
A lesson that none will forget…

They kill in god’s nameflag
And I wonder if even they believe their own hype
Fighting “Holy Wars” of man’s design
With explosives strapped to their flesh
The ultimate sacrifice
Murdering those who refuse to concede and
conform to their law
Passing judgements of death with disregard to
their own flaw

Are you really so righteous that as long as
we live you can not exist?
(so they claim)
But your rags are as filthy as mine and those
of the next

In whom do we trust?

This war is the same as any
Man’s inherent nature to gain and control
And has nothing to do with the redemption of one’s soul
A pointless, senseless reign of terror
In The Name Of …


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