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House of Cards

October 1, 2013

by Sean Michael, January 2013

Card_houseHer eyes squint in concentration
Her hand moves slow and steady
as she places another card on the pile

She’s got a pretty good house going now
and I watch her smile

She leans in with another
and casts a glance to her big brother

This is it
The spire
Only two cards left

I perceive a tiny tremor in her hands
Careful, sister, they could topple at the slightest breath

She steeples the cards together
and looks triumphantly at her big brother

The three story house is complete
and it stands so for a moment
Then suddenly, unexpectedly crumbles down

And I think to myself
as I watch her frown

My life is like a house of cards

Posted at  dVerse Poets, OpenLinkNight #116


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  1. so true…all it takes is one slip and it will all come down…the good side is we can build it back again….


  2. exactly.. a house of card.. extremely difficult to build, and even harder to keep standing..


  3. A house of hard to make..but, you can always try again..


  4. We are fragile, we are temporary, but like in a house of cards, we must lean on one another for support. A single card does not a house make. Nice allegory you gave us here. Peace, Jason


  5. So true- it is all more fragile than we like to think.


  6. Oooh life is like a house of cards, so descriptive.


  7. Nice. Could picture the moment. Love the story & the message. Most people are all too naive… believing they are so indestructible.. blissfully ignorant of just how easy their world could come crashing down at any given moment…


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