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I’m Alright

May 3, 2018

Sean Michael, April 2018

I smile and I nod
I say everything is alright
You smile and nod
Though you know it’s just a lie

I say hello
What I really mean is goodbye
I smile for you
When I’m alone I cry
I laugh out loud
As I scream inside

I don’t know how much I can take
My mind bends until I start to break
I need to be alone
So I run away
No matter how far I go
I can’t seem to escape

So I smile and I nod
I say everything’s alright
You smile and you nod
Though you know it’s just a lie


Posted for dVerse Poets, Open Link Night #219, May 3, 2018


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  1. Oh no… to have nowhere to run… I can really feel this and understand. Nowhere to be alone..


  2. Love the words… that sense of holding on to the last thread. It would make a brilliant song, by the way.


  3. I agree with Vivian – as I read it, it felt like I was reading a beautiful song!


  4. It is probably one of the oldest formalities we observe. You are right, it buries the truth like a hatchet stuck in the ground. Obviously no one intends on finding out how you really are. It’s just a handy way to sidestep the whole issue. I don’t know if there’s a better way to really ask seriously.


  5. Excellent poem Sean. I can relate this need to be alone but unable to be. I hope you are well, truly.


  6. I like the way this poem modulates between pretence and true feelings, keeping face for the sake of others and screaming inside. I hope the writing gives you a outlet enough for your truth to keep going, Sean.

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  7. Relatable, thanks for sharing Sean.


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