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America the Great

February 22, 2018

Sean Michael, October 2017

Corporate greed
Sends jobs overseas
And the 1% gets rich
Behind the backs of our economy
The working class bleeds
And there’s an even lower class
Nobody seems to see
Why should American children go hungry
As the government sends money overseas
Prison becomes privatized industry
And public schools lose funding
Great home of the free
A land that’s running out of opportunity


Posted for dVerse Poets, Open Link Night #214, February 22, 2018


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  1. too true…why though..greed..desire…read jung…the bhagavad gita..or joseph campbell…


  2. Beverly Crawford permalink

    Nuggets of truth. I grew up near a maximum security prison. It had barns and gardens. The prisoners worked, took care of animals and tended gardens, raising much of the food used there. Whatever happened to that concept?


  3. Greed seems to be the new religion… give to the one’s who have.


  4. I liked the description of the last line about running out of opportunity.


  5. You may as well have written about South Africa!


  6. So sad to see this turn of events….


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