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The Sword of Virtues: Ways of the Teutonic Warrior

December 31, 2017

A warrior carries with him certain virtues of which he hones and sharpens constantly, like a sword, as these virtues can grant him life or cause him death (in battle).

Courage, which mustn’t ever be mistaken for acts of folly, is the most important, for bereft of courage, one is open to debilitating fear. Courage is honed and sharpened in the grotesque faces of adversity. The virtue of courage requires patience and intelligence for it is not always possible to overcome adversity with physical forces such as hostility, intimidation, and violence which can sometimes lead to acts of folly. Patience is the key to endure and intelligence is necessary in maneuvering the obstacles of adversity and, of course, courage is required to carry out the warrior’s objective.

The virtue of courage is closely followed by strength for it takes courage to act and it takes strength to overcome one’s foe. It takes strength to heft and wield a sword. It takes strength to deliver and sustain a strike. Physical strength is sharpened and honed through exercise and diet. There are a variety of physical forms and strengths that are used differently and each have their own advantages and pitfalls. Mental strength (Intelligence) is built through study, introspection and observation—cognizance. Spiritual strength is achieved through patience, adherence and meditation of all virtues.

The virtue of endurance is important and requisite in propelling courage and strength. Courage and strength are not always the key to overcoming a foe, but sometimes it is necessary to outlast a foe, either for later defeat of an enemy or to survive to fight another day. Endurance is achieved similarly to strength. Exercise and diet are important in equal measure to returning to one’s feet after a fall; nevertheless, it is always important to avoid acts of folly. Endurance requires courage, but it should never lead a warrior to their death. It is better to evade, maneuver, elude, and fight another day.

Agility of mind and body allow for the warrior to strike first and to strike smartly. Agility goes hand and hand with endurance.

Courage, strength, endurance, and agility are all closely related and are the virtues that make up the blade of the sword. The blade of the sword is directly correlated to combat and the virtues that will carry a warrior through the thick of battle, specifically physical war, although they do apply to the mental state as well, for a warrior must be well in mind to accomplish the objectives of battle. The following virtues are more closely related to personality and spirit, making up the handle of the sword from whence the warrior hefts the blade, and will help keep the warrior in sound mind and spirit.

Honesty is a prized virtue of the warrior for there is no room for deceit amongst the clan/tribe/band. Honesty creates healthy bonds and cohesiveness, also minimizing personal distractions of wonder and intrigue that lead to mistrust and weakness within the party.

Honesty goes hand and hand with trust, which is necessary in minimizing fighting amongst the tribe and makes the warrior secure in battle. Trust draws a clear delineation between friend and foe.

Cheerfulness and humor allow the warrior to leave battle mentally and gives them a break from aggression and stress which can be intense and lead to psychological disorders that may debilitate the warrior and withhold them from their objectives. This cheerfulness can be short-lived and this humor is at times dark, but they are very important virtues for a warrior to extol.


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