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Greetings from Above

December 14, 2017

Sean Michael, November 2017

Scientists, professors, and students who haven’t even finished their degrees,
Assemble in New Mexico under utmost secrecy.

The most qualified minds in America working beneath the world’s nose,
On a project of which the U.S. VP does not even know—

In 1945, the Manhattan Project produces the first atomic bomb…

Hiroshima is greeted with devastation,
A city nearly erased from a nation,
But the Japanese fight with the old ways of the Samurai—

Surrender not,
They’d rather die.

Kokura is next on America’s hit list,
But cloud cover makes it invisible,
And Nagasaki’s chosen instead.
Greetings from above leave hundreds of thousands more dead.

Destruction unheard of and never before seen,
Leaves the world awe-struck in disbelief,
But no capitulation will come from the Japanese,
Proud and relentless warriors.

Harry Truman issues his orders:

Spread atomic piss,
As long as they refuse to submit,
Noxious clouds and conflagrations,
Will smother a nation…

September 02, 1945,
Japan makes its concession,
Overwhelmed by the A-bomb’s second impression,
Surrender, they say, on just one condition:

Japan keeps it Emperor

A final display of loyalty and pride,
But trivial to the U.S. so set aside,
When the announcement of Japan’s “complete and unconditional”
surrender is broadcast live.




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  1. Truman, Trump … G-d help us all!


    • LOL, you are funny. Thank you for your comments and thank you for reading by posts. Can you send me an email ( and tell me a little about yourself, maybe the origins of your name, Petru?


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