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Fly High

November 2, 2017

Sean Michael, October 2017

I sat down and cried today,
I wonder if I got it all out,
All the things I wanted to say,
The words that might hurt,
The causations,
The blame,
My selfish pain,
And the foolish things I might do to push you away,
Must I regress to cliche?
“it’s not you.
It’s me.”
Two dead birds in a bush,
And one in my hand,
It’s time I set you free,
As the sky begins to bleed,
And fill my sea of melancholy,
Spread your blood-stained wings and flee,
Above the blackened clouds that hover over me,
Fly, my love, fly,
And be free.


Posted for dVerse Poets, Open Link Night #207, November 2, 2017


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  1. This reminds me of the lyrics by Sting

    “If you love someone, set them free”… we cannot tie down love… one of the most important truths.


  2. Very emtotional write and I suspect, a bit cathartic for you. I enjoyed this immensely.


  3. “Two dead birds in a bush, / And one in my hand, / It’s time I set you free, / As the sky begins to bleed….” The first part of your poem is good, but this is where your words began to soar on their own. You went from telling into showing in a big way, and the payoff makes the read worth the effort! Poetry, sir… poetry!


  4. That freedom is precious….Beautiful poem ~


  5. hypercryptical permalink

    Sometimes we lose love in the sea of our own melancholy, but this oft may be we lose love of ourselves.
    Then one has to wonder who we are setting free…


  6. Beautifully emotive write..!


  7. It is time to let the bird in the hand go free.


  8. What Charley said. Love the birds motif.


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