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Gentle Rains

October 19, 2017

Sean Michael, October 2017

Bereft of her touch
I shrivel up inside
Like a dehydrated rose
My glory
Crushed petals

The tears I shed saturate my soul
But the weeded garden of my love
Doesn’t grow
A thorny plot of land
Unpermitting to her hand

She’s cut and scarred
As she pulls at the prickly stands
The color of her love
Wets the palms of her hands
Dripping into my foundation
Making me a better man
She teaches me compassion
Helps me to try and understand
There’s so much that frustrates me
So many questions why
But as I begin to bloom
I see the sparkle in her eyes

It makes me wonder
As thunder rolls across the sky
How she’d feel in my embrace
No more tears
No more blood
Just gentle rains to soothe the pain


Posted for dVerse Poets, Open Link Night #206, October 19, 2017


From → BLOG, Poetry

  1. Heartfelt poem of loss or wishful thinking, I imagine…the pain, the love, the yearning.:-)


  2. Ah, the pain of loss!


  3. A stunning poem, Sean, which tugs at my heart. I especially love the imagery in the two opening stanzas.


  4. So very painful to be apart from someone’s touch that you love. I love the sweet “what if” at the end though.


  5. A lovely poem Sean, I really love the image of the garden… each love story is a lesson, and if we can gain compassion it will make us better.


  6. I absolutely adored this poem. Looks like he has recovered from his loss and is healing well


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