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HISTORY: Anne Frank (The Written Word)

August 30, 2017

I love history and I’ve been having tremendous fun on my newest project. I’ve been working on a new collection of poetry using history as my subject matter, and it has so much to offer. In addition to telling the story I try to convey an overall message or lesson the events taught. Anne Frank’s life and death is the perfect example of the power of writing.

Anne Frank
(The Written Word)
Sean Michael, August 2017

Hiding out in a small room
As the sound of boots crunch the earth outside
Will today be the day?

As the soldiers pass
The fear begins to fade
And a moment of reprieve is bestowed

Tread lightly
Laugh softly at father’s jokes
As beans and water boil on the stove

Another prayer to make it through the night
As mother tucks her in tight
But dreams of the soldiers fill her heart with fright

Each day she chronicles her life
As the sound of boots continue to crunch outside
And despite riches plundered and destroyed her
words survive

The diary of Anne Frank’s life
Captures an intimate moment of time
Preserving history for future generations

The power of the written word thrives
Amidst gun powder, fire, and death
The written word is alive


Posted for dVerse Poets, Open Link Night #203, September 7, 2017


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  1. I have Ann Frank’s Diary downloaded on my computer. I’ll dig it out and read it. There is the Helen Keller story as well. If it weren’t for words …


  2. Laura Broyles permalink

    Very thoughtful. I loved the story of Anne Frank and have read her biography twice. I wonder if he would be interested in reading the books by Terry Anderson, the journalist held in captivity by terrorists in Lebanon for 6 years. The books are- “Den of Lions” and “Knowing God Personally”. I think I remember that Mike read the Den of Lions and thought it worthwhile. On the opposite side of the spectrum of issues about freedom; I have had an occasional interest in stories about English and Scottish gypsies! There are several engaging books about them. One is “Last of the Tinkers” by Sheila Douglas, 2006. I dont know how easy that one would be to find for him to read. These peoples are trapped in their cultures within a larger society that moves forward, while the “travellers” or gypsies cling to old ways and preserve a vanishing culture. Very intriguing I think.


  3. I do love history as well, and good luck with the project. It also gives you a good reason to read which is good too. I hope you have good reading available


  4. I like the way you have put yourself in the shoes of a girl in a different kind of prison and demonstrated how words are freedom, Sean.


  5. Oh Sean. This is just wonderful. I recently re-read her diary and again I was struck by how this diary survived long after her death. You have written a powerful testament to the power of words. Best of luck on your project. This was excellent with which to start it. I am glad you have good books available to you. Take care.


  6. I believe in that power of the word, and how it can survive through all the atrocities men have created.


  7. This has been human experiences for so long. How slowly we learn. And it remains the experience for so many in so many places – Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Palestine and more. One aspect of humanity which has not changed is war and conquest.


  8. Human beings have been through horrific experiences many of them unnecessarily caused by other human beings.


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