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When A Samurai Dies

August 24, 2017

Sean Michael, April 2017

Fear of disgrace hangs over his head like a sword
The sword
The only law of the land
He fights for honor
With the stakes his life

When a samurai is defeated
He falls to his knees with a dagger in his hands
He prays for his pedigree
And forward upon his own blade he lands
Tearing up and left
The samurai puts himself to death

A warrior observes the ritual with a sword at the ready
If the fallen samurai cannot die the chosen way
He’ll have his head chopped off
And his name forever disgraced

When a samurai dies
It is a matter of duty and moral obligation
One final mission to complete
As a noble and mighty warrior admits defeat


Posted for dVerse Poets, Open Link Night #202, August 24, 2017

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  1. ….as a notable and mighty warrior admits defeat…
    I do not pretend to understand the way of the samurai. However, I do tend to think that one can be defeated, lose the battle, and still when the self. To continue living, adjusting to the new self. There are lessons in that as well. 🙂 Glad you posted today!


  2. Nice description of a samurai’s honor with the potential of admitting defeat.


  3. Actually in seppuku, the samurai often has a second or friend to cut off his head. The second considers it an honor. But good poem about self-respect.


  4. To my western mind it is hard to understand. Such a loss of a brave warrior.


  5. The importance of honor… maybe it has a rippling effect on society of behaving well.


  6. I went through a period of great fascination of the Japanese samurai and their ritualistic seppuku after I read “Shogun” many years ago. Honor was everything to them and to be disgraced was not acceptable. What a culture. So glad to have you join us today Sean.


  7. I appreciate their honor and sense of nobility in dying with their own samurai sword ~


  8. Can’t begin to understand the warrior mind. I didn’t know the ritual of defeat. An interesting rite I want to think about. Thanks.


    • You’re welcome and thank you. I love to analyze and write poems about wars. Look forward to communicating with you again.


  9. “ Die in an act of valour then live for nothing in disgrace “

    Purest formation of solidifying what the raw true meaning of the elements of Way of the Warrior, The transition into concept of becoming something more then just man that entirely signified by greater testament of Life and to live and breathe

    Honour , Loyalty , Compassion& Strength& Pride -SAMURAI

    Excerpt from MONSTERISM by Corey Parry


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