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How to Save a Life

July 15, 2017

(That’s also a song title by The Frey!)

If you have been following my blog, then you probably know of my troubled past and my love for the youth who are currently traveling a path I’ve already tread. Not long ago I put up a post about a program called “Prison Letters for Our At-risk Youth.” I’ve continued my correspondence with the head of the program, and I am going to begin facilitating this program on the yard. I hope that the letters will help deter youth from seeking out this criminal lifestyle, as well as help some of us develop compassion and remorse by sharing our introspections. I hope that people will discover the true power of writing—a poem, a story, a letter—and that it will help save lives.

As a facilitator, I will simply connect individuals with the program, make sure that “Thank you letters” from the program to prisoners are being delivered, keep a roster of those involved, and assist indigent inmates.

No prisoner, under any circumstance, will contact any child or parent directly, but their letters will be screened by the program and used in videos, publications, and seminars. I will also be slightly selective in who I ask to participate, such as some of the members from “Criminals and Gangs Anonymous,” another group I co-facilitate. I seek sincere individuals who have no charges against children, and mostly, “lifers.”

I have 20 beautifully hand-woven bracelets with words like “love,” and symbols like “hearts,” “arrows,” “crosses,” etc. woven into them (see photo). Please donate one book of stamps, and I will send you a bracelet as a gift, token of my gratitude, and symbol of your love for these special youth in need. Most of the postage will go to the program, so that they will be able to easily reach facilitators at other prisons, and the rest will be used by me to communicate with them and to assist indigent inmates who wish to participate.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life and even done some outright bad things, but I think I can use those experiences to give back now. Rather than remain in a vicious cycle of anger, addiction, and self-abuse, inevitably hurting others, I can use this program as another tool and coping mechanism to stay on the right path and not let the lessons I’ve learned in life go to waste.

I haven’t always been good at asking for help, and I’d have to be damn near dead to ask a stranger to help me without offering something in return. That’s because I believe in the exchange of energies and the exchange of gifts. The spirit in which this is done must be with honor and grace for it to be true. So, I’m asking you to give me 1 (one) book of “20 American Forever Stamps,” and I will give you a bracelet. One style of bracelet is clearly feminine and the other is meant to be masculine, but could be worn by either sex. Let me know which style you’d like. They’d also make great gifts for your spouse, kids, or friends.

Thank you for your time, please write me soon.

Sean Michael Couch, AA9603
Mule Creek State Prison, A-5-229
P.O. Box 409020
Ione, CA 95640

Please click this link and listen to one of my favorite songs:

White Lion, “When the Children Cry” 


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