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“LUCKY13” Poetry Contest

July 13, 2017

Today is July 13, 2017, my thirty-first birthday, and it is my great pride and honor to announce the
first LUCKY13 Poetry Contest and invite all you poets out there to participate. I’ll write a poem on each subject myself to share after the contest ends.

There are three subject categories for poets to choose from, with no limit as to how many poems or categories one may submit to. (Write to your heart’s content.) There will be a first, second, and third place winner, plus honorable mentions, for each category.


1. Home—country/ state/city, etc.
2. Major Wars
3. Outer Space


To enter the contest, send a digital version of your poem to Please include the words LUCKY13 and the the category number in the Subject.

An anonymous version of the poem will be sent to me to be read and considered for the contest. Winners will be contacted privately via e-mail and announced publicly on my Blog. Submission deadline is midnight September 1, 2017; entries will not be accepted after this time. Don’t miss out, submit your poem today.


FIRST place will receive a copy of my book Stygian, as well as a guest blog spot here on Mad Poet Enchained, in which the author may write about and promote their work (and leave relevant links and plugs, of course). Their poem will also be posted with links to their social media.

SECOND place will receive a guest blog spot with all the same conditions and liberties. Their poem will also be posted with links to their social media.

THIRD place will have their poem showcased with links to their social media.

HONORABLE MENTIONS will all receive a public shout out with gratitude.


All rights and control over the work remain with the author. All I ask is permission to post the winning entries once here on my Blog, where it will remain in the archives for future readers.


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  1. I think I’m in! Any of the categories being open to interpretation I assume?


  2. Belated happy birthday !!!!!


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