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Strap Your Boots on Tight

July 11, 2017

Imagine this: about forty “correctional officers” forming “scrimmage lines” around a quarter of the prison yard. You are laying on your belly on the pavement and the sun’s shining down bright. It’s tough to make out who’s who, but easily recognized are the orange straps of the “non-lethal” black guns the C.O.’s are carrying. There are gunners with mini-14s in each of the six towers around the yard and another gunner, an extra pair of eyes, on the catwalk.

Recently, there was a gang riot involving about 20 people. It lasted maybe a minute, and only one person was injured badly enough that he couldn’t be treated at the clinic. I bet he was the one I saw fall and get kicked several times in the face as he tried to stand up.

The riot took place on one of the basketball courts where I’d been working out not long before. I began to see groups huddle up, sending emissaries back and forth shaking hands. I could feel the tension, then I could feel it getting tighter and about to snap. At that point, I quit working out and went to the other side of the yard and sat down. Sure enough, after fifteen or twenty minutes passed, the violence erupted.

No shots were fired by the guards. The rioters were dispersed by grenades that explode into a white powder that’s supposed to take your breath away.

Now imagine this: you were in my shoes but unable to detect the sights of the impending violence. Well, you’d have been right in the shit!


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  1. One does develop a sense for danger. Glad you followed your instinct.


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