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In Twenty-Eight Years

May 4, 2017

Sean Michael, 2014

Twenty-eight years ago, I came screaming into this realm
expecting nothing and knowing only love.
Ignorant of the trials and tribulations that lay in wait for me
blinking the world into existence.
Reveling in the comfort of my mother’s arms,
somehow recognizing her flushed and weary countenance.
Knowing not the evil that would take me in its icy embrace,
having no discernment of the anger that would build
strongholds in my heart.
Unforeseeable pain.
Unaware that I’d be a victim,
not knowing I’d be a victimizer.

Twenty-eight years ago, I only reveled in the comfort of my mother’s arms,
somehow recognizing her flushed and weary countenance,
innocently blinking the world into existence.
I wonder now about that little child,
ignorant of evil and versed in love,
forsaken and forgotten by a man
with strife and bitterness in his heart.


Posted for  dVerse Poets, Open Link Night #195, May 4, 2017


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  1. WOW! A riveting story to be told.


  2. The pure innocence in that photo and the gripping way in which you write really touches somewhere deep. Stay strong and write on!


  3. Oye! Heartbreaking! Be well.


  4. Ouch. So many poems are by women lamenting rejection by a lover and pain. It is so sad. And such a sweet picture with so much hope. And so young still with so much time to turn things around, I hope. Well penned.


  5. Everyone enters this world being a child… how can we ever know where we’ll be going? Somehow we might need to reconnect to that child sometimes… it’s like a fresh notebook… all opportunities.


  6. We touch our own hearts and write how it feels, as you’ve done so well here. We feel what you feel, we get what you know. This delivers!


  7. Nice description of the contrast between child and adult. We need to become more like children especially when there is no reason not to do so. Nice picture as well.


  8. Such a sweet photo of that memorable day ~ May it always remind you of the times and memories filled with love and hope, despite the bitterness of the world ~ Have a good weekend ~


  9. This is soo incredibly poignant.. so heart-stirring..


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