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Three Dimensional Characters (Protagonists)

March 6, 2017

In a fictional world, a good character is three dimensional. What I mean by that is the characters we create in stories are not unlike you and me; they think, feel, have dreams and goals, and face hardships that challenge their morals, beliefs, and intentions. In short, three dimensional means real.

Sometimes, when creating a character, it helps me to sit and write down everything about this character before putting him/her in a story. The more real they are in your mind, the more the character will manifest as true in the story. Not everything you write about your character in your personal notes will make it into the story, and, likewise, aspects you didn’t originally consider may show up somewhere in the story.

Probably, the most important questions about your character are his/her morals, belief, and intentions for the scene and for the the story. Start with that when creating your three dimensional character. You can tie appearance into these aspects of your character by using metaphor, comparisons, and contrast. Maybe he’s a pacifist, who always wears black, has a mohawk haircut, and gauges in his ears. You don’t have to follow the “cookie-cutter” way. Be creative and have fun.3d-wallpaper-8-610x457


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