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Prison Letters for Our Struggling Youth

February 28, 2017

Recently, I discovered a program called “Prison Letters for Our Struggling Youth” in which I look forward to participating.

Prisoners are able to use our negative experiences in the form of poems, letters, etc. in order to do something positive. On the other end, maybe a troubled youth will be able to relate and relax for a while knowing someone does understand their struggle.

Of course, the letters are screened and the author is asked to sign a binding contract that allows the program to use their contributions in whatever capacity they decide is most useful, whether it be in some sort of group or presentation or individual counseling.

As I said, I’m looking forward to contributing. I know there has been at least one person who reads MadPoetEnchained and has mentioned having a family member in prison. If someone you care about is incarcerated this program could be helpful. The people who work for the program will send thank you letters for the parole board and also for you personally.

The address for this group is as follows:

Prison Letters for Our Struggling Youth
603 B East University Dr., #219-Carson
Carson, CA 90746



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  1. annjekins permalink

    Sounds like a great program..


    • It really is, and I am very glad to be a part of it! I am fortunate to be co-facilitor of another group called Criminals and Gang Members Anonymous. There is no facilitator for the letters program yet, so I’m asking them to let me be it.


  2. Yes, I’m really excited about it. Writing is my gift for those who wish to read it.


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