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February 23, 2017

Sean Michael, January 2017

“We must take into consideration the world to come, the faces we will never see.”
—Mohawk Woman

Can we be equal



and yet different
even opposite?

does equality mean similarity
or the same?

To whose standard must we conform?
Who will establish the “universal culture”
of one nation and one state?

To be united
must we be molded?

Imagine a world with one language
and cloned identity
loss of individuality

If culture is melted away
then perspective is lost

Must “equality” be at this cost
when acceptance is free?
To each thine own will be


Posted for  dVerse Poets, Open Link Night #190

, February 23, 2017


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  1. Equality can never mean that we are the same- fortunately I think that even clones have different minds.

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    • That’s why true coning would never work (thank God)–the more they experience the world , the more they’ll develop their own beliefs.


  2. For me equality is about what is available to us and not who we are. Equality means we all get the same opportunity in life…cept we don’t right?

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    • Equality should be about equal opportunity, but not all see it that way. The belief that one religion is better than another is the reason for many wars.

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  3. I liked these lines “If culture is melted away
    then perspective is lost”. If may be through our different perspectives that our cultures, or other groups and communities, retain their different perspectives.

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    • Many Indians died for practicing their religions which were thought to be bizarre and heathenistic by the whites. “To be equal” to the white man, they were pressured to abandon their own culture. In this modern day in America, we don’t need to conform to one American culture or, as some call it, one “whitewashed culture. What makes us strong is our different perspectives and ideas and the equal opportunity and freedom to use them.


  4. hypercryptical permalink

    Fine words and thoughts Michael.
    I totally agree with Paul’s comment.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

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  5. Profound questions.
    Equality should not mean being the same. To me it is a hazy mix of providing equal opportunity and respecting differences.

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    • I agree, we’re all equal in that our lives are important, but is a brain surgeon equal to a B-ballplayer? Philosophically, I suppose so, but logically, as much fun as basketball is, we need brain surgeons and those who advance agriculture and technology, etc. more. I think we are equal in that there is always someone to whom we are playing an important role in their life.


  6. Hard to find equality…as along as we are from countries and cultures and beliefs ~ Perhaps in the future, someday ????


    • There’s a quote that says “To have a kingdom, there must be inequality. “There are kings and there are serfs. Maybe “equality” is about the roles we play or not. In the end, it equals out I guess. The King rules the land, but the serfs make sure there’s a “land” to rule.


  7. Equality means equal opportunity to be who we strive to be, but each bringing very different selves to the table. Evocative read.


  8. You raised an important question.. to me equality means accepting others and giving due respect.


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