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February 9, 2017


Sean Michael, January 2017

My blade is bathed in the blood of my enemy
Riding through battle on hooves of a noble steed
The cry of war is thunder
As your fiefdoms are torn asunder
And your treasures I do plunder

To overthrow your kingdom is my only goal
And to rise to a mighty rule
So catch their king
Then off with his head
You will join my ranks or end up dead

I am the greatest knight to ever live
None were better before me
And none will come after
As I place the crown upon my head now
You hear my victorious laughter
Once I gave my service to a lord so foolish indeed
But his time has now come
The Royal bloodline is done
And while some may refuse my reign
Their only future is to be slain

So as king I send this decree:
The people shall know my name and take a knee
Be clear if you are not friend then you are foe
To my friends awaits a gift of gold
But for my enemies there is only WOE!


Posted for  dVerse Poets, Open Link Night #189, February 9, 2017


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  1. Nice rhyme to this ominous story.


  2. Iris permalink

    I like this very much; it makes me think of Game of Thrones. I was also hoping to find out the speaker was a woman. 😉


    • why in the moves is it that the heroine cuts off all her hair? I think it’d be better to see her pull off her helmet and long hair fall out as opposed to a “page-boy” haircut.


  3. This is a man that I fear. A hero or a scoundrel that the world has seen too many. The first person perspective adds so much to the tone.


    • Back then I that the heroes did tend to be scoundrels. Knights have been romanticized as noble and honorable by history and fiction.


  4. This is such a riveting read!


  5. Looks like trouble just rode into town.


    • Yup. Raiding parties were often sent into “enemy” villages to plunder and destroy, especially by setting structures on fire. Their goals were mostly to cause discord and expand the territories of their kingdom.


  6. Rosemary Nissen-Wade permalink

    Alas, he is legion.


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