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“To Be… Or Not To Be”

February 7, 2017

Poetry seems to be a “lost art,” although it is one of the older forms of literature. The first books and screen plays were based on poetry. Shakespeare was a playwright , who used poetry to fret his stories. “To be, or not to be, that is the question.”

It sure is.

It can be discouraging to know that most editors, agents and publishers refuse to promote or even acknowledge poetry. Is it the industry that diminished the popularity of poetry by refusing to prove it? Or have people forgotten about and lost interest in poetry as writing has evolved over the last 100 years?

So, to be a poet or not to be?

I suppose poetry can be learned in the same way I learned to write longer stories by reading books. However, I bet that for many poets it happens organically. For me, I just had something to say one day. It was urgent, but I had no way to effectively express myself. Overcome, I sat on my bed with a pencil and paper and wrote my first poem. I was ten or eleven and a lot of confusing and painful changes were taking place in my life.

Here I am 20 years later still writing poetry, so I guess I will continue to be, and if poetry is a “lost art”…

I’m glad I found it.

Footnote: If you enjoy reading and/or writing poetry visit dVerse Poets Pub, where poets from around the world share their poetry. Every other Thursday is Open Link Night. Join me there.

Also, you can support me by buying my poetry book, Stygian, which can be bought on Amazon  in print and electronic format. A video about Stygian


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  1. I remember once a poem simply arriving: I don’t remember how old I was. And how surprised I was. And never wrote another until Dverse poets. A great many years in between. I often feel guilty for ‘indulging’ in writing poetry, or any other form of creativity, it was so frowned on in my family. Yet it is so, so necessary!


  2. I didn’t write another poem for several years after my first piece either. I’m glad you started back writing, and you shouldn’t feel guilty because Art’s the freest form of expression. Sometimes it’s easier to paint or write something you can’t say out loud.


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