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Positive Purpose

February 1, 2017

I garnered another certificate in a mental health/rehabilitation group called “Positive Purpose.”

It was a 26 week group and the focus was on “positive psychology,” basically, figuring out the things we like about ourselves. Often times it’s the negative that stands out to us, overshadowing what is good. It’s about finding a balance.

The group was designed for long term and lifer inmates who often feel we have no point or purpose in our lives.

I’ve written so many poems about this! Actually, I took the chance in class to read a poem from my book “Stygian.” Called “The Elusive Bird,” the poem is about a man trying to find hope and contemplating giving up as he lies weary in desert sands.

The group was a good experience for me, and I’m actually going back for a while to help and to be a mentor to new members.

Here’s a photo of my certificate—looks cool, eh?



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  1. Margie permalink

    God job, Sean. I am so proud of you.


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