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The White Helmets

January 12, 2017

Sean Michael, December 2016

The White Helmets


Dust smothers the street
As bodies are pulled from rubble and concrete
Desperate cries and screams
Sudden death as bombs fall from the sky

Men in white helmets search for survivors
Digging through the carnage with bare hands
Rebels they are called
Working against a dictatorship government

TNT and shrapnel crater the earth
Until the city is in ruin
And all that’s left is the afterbirth of war
Trapped—literally trapped—by crossfire

A country is torn at the seams by civil war
Frayed ends of sanity
We don’t dream in this place nor hope
We fight to survive

The white helmets arrive to help
And sometimes they die too
But sometimes we live
And maybe we will learn what freedom is

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Posted for  dVerse Poets, Open Link Night #187, January 12, 2017


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  1. A good and just call for a noble cause.


  2. Sometimes they die while rescuing others as you mentioned. Nice poem. It is good to bring awareness to non-partisans who are unarmed and helping those in distress.


  3. Great poem.


  4. Heroes !!!


  5. Maybe it’s when the world is darkest true heroes show themselves


  6. Beautifully inspiring! ❤


  7. sanaarizvi permalink

    You have left me speechless! Kudos!


  8. Very powerful and compelling!


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