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October 6, 2016

Sean Michael, September 2016
I’ve got this phobia of public places
I don’t trust Arabs
Does that make me racist?

Lines at the airport are to the door
America isn’t safe anymore
I’m not afraid of controversy

“Being black is on the upswing,” he said.
“We’re killing cops and people are marching in the streets.”
I just shook my head in disbelief

“White vs Black, Black vs White
Right vs left, left vs right
We can fix nothing until we remove the planks from our own eyes.

Don’t think I have some political agenda
“Democrats” and “Republicans”
They look like a bunch of harlequins.

There’s something I call “harmonious discord.”
As our nation moves with the rhythm of a psych ward
A place I’ve occasionally been a guest

So call me crazy if you must
But it seems like we’re beating ourselves into the dust
I’d still stand for the National anthem

I’m still mad about the pledge of allegiance
It just seems so egregious
We don’t teach our children to love their country anymore?

So what happens the next time an American pledges himself to “radical Islam?”
Decides to drive his car to central park with a bomb?
Was it really so wrong to say, “one nation under God”

I’d rather be “one nation under God”
than a nation under Hillary or Trump
We need a leader to make our nation strong
I’m stumped
“Pop culture,” like keeping up with the Kardashians
takes aim at the brain cells of young girls like death rays
Zombified and lazy-eyed I watch the news
Ignorance is bliss

But who am I?
Just a poet with a gripe
Nobody really


Posted for  dVerse Poets, Open Link Night #181, October 6, 2016


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  1. Yes Sean, ‘death rays’ indeed… It’s kinda like the fall of the Roman Empire, don’t you think?? Diseased and decadent… With Best Wishes Scott


  2. Gripe and rant about it ~ Its a political circus for sure; maybe choose one of the lesser evil?

    Hope you are well Sean ~


    • They don’t want to talk about what’s important. It seems they just want to talk about the dirt they have on one another. Entertaining for sure, but not what our nation needs.

      I am doing well, thank you.


  3. Well written.


  4. Well said…


  5. What happened to the leader acting servant to their people? But yet our choice is taken to avoid what’s even worse.


  6. Insightful and honest musing. As I am from Canada, I am happy I do not have to choose between the two circus clowns but either way, the outcome has influence on us as well. The media and pop culture is dumbing down and desensitizing our children. It always amazes me the way parents monitor what their children put in their mouths but not what they put in their brains. Nice to see your work, Sean. Take care.


  7. Good rant…’one nation under God’…..Was it so wrong? Maybe. Folk will always find an argument about God.


  8. I echo your thoughts. *sigh*


  9. Sigh.. not really no.. we can’t trust them.. profound write.


  10. I think you wrote about how many feel in these trying times. Sometimes you just have to vent. I am worried about future events 😦


  11. Excellent and honest poem. No, you aren’t racist. you’re just like most of us – fed up with the whole political circus and politlcal correctness…hope you are well.


  12. Good to see you back at the dVerse Poets Pub, Sean. Being British, I can make head nor tail of it all. But I’ll be glad when it’s all over and the right candidate wins.


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