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A Murder of Crows

September 3, 2016

I wrote in a recent blog that it’s good to have friends who read and write to run your ideas by. They might just point out one little detail in your story that takes it from being good to being great.

I wrote about a story I had written called “A Murder of Crows.” I told a buddy of mine that the crows attacked the boy and bit off one of his fingers. He replied, “Was it his trigger finger?” Since the boy had been shooting pellets at the crows, this made sense. My buddy reminded me, “I read a lot. You’ve got to include this sort of detail in your stories.” I began to laugh, because he was right, and punched him in the arm to show my appreciation. I went back and wrote that detail into the story.

I stated in my blog post that I had confidence in this story and that change may have been the detail needed to make it sellable. I submitted the story to a magazine in the UK called “Morpheus Tales” that publishes “the best in horror, fantasy, and science fiction.” They have accepted the story and will be publishing it in the last quarter of 2016 issue. I’m very pleased to have placed this story with them.

The website for the magazine is, and I hope you will check it out. The issue with my story, #29, should be out in October, and will be available via print-on-demand and download.

Artwork by Sean

Artwork by Sean


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  1. Congratulations!


  2. Thank you. I appreciate that.


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