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September 2, 2016

Sean Michael, July 2016

Warp speed through the eye of a needle
Jumping through a portal of space and time
Chasing a life so deceitful
Losing control of my mortal life

For another hit another rush
The world spins backward on its axis
But it’s never enough
So now I’m doing backflips

I’ll cheat and I’ll lie
I’ll rob and I’ll steal
All to get “high”
And “numb” what I feel

But I’m back to where I began
In fact I’m even worse
To the oasis I ran
But could not satisfy my thirst

Now the spoon is dry
And I’m crashing down from the sky
I’ll probably hit the ground and die



From → Art, BLOG

  1. Powerful description of the eddy of addiction as I understand it. My 95 year old mom who has been sober since 1967 told me that she just had to keep drinking in an attempt to get to that certain place where the feeling was just right. You express it so well, Sean. The sketch is amazing, scary. Did you do that, too.


  2. That’s about how it goes. I did do the sketch. I also sketched the concept for the cover of my book, Stygian, and the publisher worked their magic with the digital graphics and what not. I have other Art here on the website too.


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