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Handguns Were Made for Killing

August 11, 2016

Sean Michael, August 2016

In the words of Lynyrd Skynyrd,
“Handguns were made for killing.”
And somehow they keep ending up int the hands of
psychos and children.

Society is not a safe place anymore.
When my grandmother tells me about her “Tuesday movie days,”
I have this fear of some madman bursting through the the theater doors,
a bomb strapped to his chest.

My youngest sister is almost done with high school,
then what college will she attend?
I hope it’s not one that gets shot up or
keeps with the current trend of violence.

You can’t even go out to a night club
to enjoy yourself.
Some terrorist might show up with an
automatic rifle and a couple of hundred shells.

So again in the words of Skynyrd,
“Why don’t we take all the guns and
throw them to the bottom of the ocean,
before some fool comes and shoots
either you or me.”

Posted for  dVerse Poets, Open Link Night #177, August 11, 2016


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  1. A strong piece and very relevant in today’s world. Unfortunately I’m not sure if we will ever learn.


  2. Something needs to change that’s for sure and I for one would love all the guns to be (maybe not thrown in the ocean) removed from our society. Thanks for sharing your poem with us Sean Michael.
    Gayle ~


    • I actually messed up on the lyric. It’s “bottom of the sea,” not “ocean.” I still believe in the second amendment but, come on, people don’t usually go hunting with a military grade automatic assault rifle.


      • It works with either…sea or ocean. 🙂 And you’re exactly right…what is the point of people owning automatic assault rifles!


      • Oh, I understand now…you were quoting a song and it was supposed to be “sea”…rhymes with the “me” at the end.
        Gayle ~


  3. I see your point! Very powerful and I agree we must do something!


    • Australia put restrictions on gun laws, and as a result, gun crimes and shooting have dropped dramatically. I still believe in the the right to own a gun, butter just too easy to get.

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  4. I’m afraid the answer lies beneath the sleeves of some greedy, power-hungry individuals. Sigh.


    • Congress wouldn’t even expand funding to extend background checks by two weeks. A man suspected of terrorist ties should not be able to buy an assault rifle.


  5. Alas it seems that the purpose of guns is being way too well fulfilled… What a strong piece Sean.


  6. Such a powerful write.


  7. scotthastiepoet permalink

    It a mystery Sean what is allowed and your piece captures the madness of it all, along with some help from the immortal rock boys them selves… With Best Wishes


  8. Sad truth of our present moment – so well captured in your poem!


    • I still believe in the second amendment but hopefully the government will do something to try and make sure that guns and assault rifles don’t fall so easily into the hands of terrorists.

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  9. We do live in such uncertain times. Safety used to be something we took for granted, but no more. I’m not for throwing every gun in the ocean, but I sure would like to see them better regulated!


  10. I agree totally. It’s hard to understand ho a man under suspicion of having terrorist ties is able to buy an assault rifle. It’s sad that congress wouldn’t even pass measures to grant funding to extend background checks by two weeks. That doesn’t threaten our constitution–it’s a money issue like everything else. Our society needs a better understanding of gun safety too.


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