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June 9, 2016

Sean Michael, July 2015

The world revolves in perfect chaos,
and I try to put down in perfect lines
to capture the perfect voice.
But perfection is only an idea,
A misguided one, at best.
So I just write.

When I read Sylvia Plath, Charles Bukowski, Edgar Allen Poe,
and I see all the great things people have to say about them,
I wish they’d say such things about me.
But that would be perfection,
and we know what that is.

So maybe these poems wouldn’t be so worthless,
if only I could touch one heart,
inspire a new idea,
Be the voice of someone who hasn’t yet learned
to say what they’ve had on their mind.
But maybe, once again, I’m asking too much.

Posted for  dVerse Poets, Open Link Night #174, June 9, 2016


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  1. Fuck your doubt. You’re perfect, as is, my brother. The trick is to see yourself that way. Great poem – it touched me. Your reader, Moskowitz


    • Thank you, Moskowitz. I really like the passion in this comment. Ha,ha. If this poem touched you it’s served its purpose. Hope to share more with you as time goes on.


  2. Chasing perfection has been many people’s downfall. However I think you captured what goes through many poets mind when writing – if it touches one person then maybe it wasn’t a waste of time.


  3. I admire the intensity with which this poem is written 🙂 kudos.


  4. Perfection is indeed a misguided idea! Nice one..


  5. I think it’s never been about perfection – it’s rather about touching the heart of someone. You do.


  6. hypercryptical permalink

    I echo Bjorn’s comment. You do touch our hearts.
    Anna :o]


  7. “So I just write.” This line reminded me of an essay by a great contemporary American writer Anne Tyler — it’s called “Still Just Writing.” Keep doing what you do, keep writing.


  8. I liked this a lot. Well done!


  9. “Practice makes better.” I always chose that line rather than the “practice makes perfect” adage. Only Spock was perfect — and then look at the ears he had to live with! 🙂


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