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April 14, 2016

Sean Michael, April 2015

Buried beneath the rubble of my mistakes,Scan 20
Trying to dig myself from this grave.
Living for yesterday, but what about tomorrow?
I know the truth lies somewhere in between.

It’s so cliché: take it one day at a time.
Don’t let ‘em play stupid games with your mind.
Don’t let ‘em in or let ‘em in, and you’ll find
your friends aren’t really friends at all.
And you’re the biggest enemy.
I’m standing here talking to this reflection in front of me.

Everyone’s watching you,
They love to see you fall behind.
Nervous on the stage about to lose your mind.
I think you think too much.
I think you try too hard.
Take it day for day.
Life is your stage, and you are the star.


Posted for  dVerse Poets, Open Link Night #170, April 14, 2016


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  1. Nice work. Very thoughtful.


  2. stephen permalink

    I read this at work….i will read this every now and then…i t will make my day a bit more meaningful


  3. This is such a heartfelt write.. your poem really spoke tp me on a personal level.
    Beautifully penned.


  4. Thoughtful piece.


  5. We are all actors… my role is to breath 🙂


  6. It;’s smart to recognize when others are playing with your mind and not let them~ there is so much good here.


  7. It’s so cliché: take it one day at a time…. true..and yet!


  8. The opening line really grabs the readers attention. Haven’t we all made mistakes in the journey of life. You are the star of your screenplay…write the day the way you want it to be..


  9. Isn’t amazing how hollow meaningful cliches can sound? And from your viewpoint even more so.


  10. I love the way you ended this, trying to pump yourself up. I completely understand and relate to all of the feelings you expressed. We just have to get out of our own heads sometimes. I think we ourselves *are* often the real problem.


    • When “buried in the rubble of your mistakes” its so hard to get out of your own head. I can relate and appreciate your view of all the cliches people turn to in response. They can seem cold when we are in our own way- just trying to get out from under the rubble…


  11. Well — first let me comment on your art! I also went to the art section of your blog. You are very talented with a pen or charcoal or whatever the media is here. The angles in this drawing — and most certainly the shading. I commented on one of your drawings also — a tiger/lion? Very talented you are and how wonderful to draw with the hand in terms of images in words and form.
    In terms of the poem, I especially liked the final stanza. Of course I did! I’m a positive person and truly believe in what you’re saying here. The words we utter/say/hear day by day affect us. And so I say, I am rejuvenated (not retired) — and we are all a star on this earth! 🙂 Great message! Excellent art!


    • The things we tell ourselves do affect our moods and ac lions. I learned in therapy that I have talked myself into situations that I could have avoided.

      The Lion was done with pencil and charcoal.

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  12. The truth does lie somewhere in between but we get to swallow it one bite at a time. How’s that for mixing up metaphors?


  13. Metaphors are fun.


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