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Wanna Tear It in Two

March 17, 2016

Sean Michael, November 2015

Ever read a book that makes you want to tear it in two?
If so, what did you do?
Did you read on to the end because you’d begun?
Or did you put it down and run?

If you are a writer, did it make you question the industry?
How’d this crap end up in print but no one
seems to wanna publish me?

I’ve read them all
from classic novel to pornographic trash
Books that made me cry
Books that made me laugh

I’ve even started writing one myself
and I hope no reader gets the urge
to tear it in two.
(If it even makes print, that is.)


Posted for  dVerse Poets, Open Link Night #168, March 17, 2016


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  1. Oh there are certainly books I regret that I have started reading… usually I just cease to read though… I hope you will write a book Sean…


    • Actually, my book of poetry, Stygian, is coming out soon, and I just finished writing my autobiography. Now I need an agent to help me find someone willing to publish it.

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  2. Oh I can totally relate to the feeling.. hope you write one 😀


  3. Just think of all those books that are published, and only a fraction of them are read … let alone torn in two. 😉


  4. Great poem and sums up so much of the frustration of reading and the desire to write something worth reading! Good luck with your endeavour and I do wonder how some books get published and others don’t. Don’t give up!


  5. scotthastiepoet permalink

    Yes, something of a confessional and heart warming in its own way – we’ve a lll been there and felt that!!


  6. Yes to all of the questions in this. But now if, at page 50 or 10%, I’m not into it, I leave it. At my age, I don’t want to waste time on something that really hasn’t captivated me.


  7. Good luck with your book!!! Keep at it!


  8. The good thing is, books burn well.


  9. I couldn’t do it with any book, love them too much ☺ If it’s not good it can be a “decoration”.


  10. I have a general rule if the book can’t hook me in a few chapters, I put it down.


  11. Your poem expresses a sense of frustration very well. Keep writing – cream rises.


  12. very nice. i know just the book. in fact, blogged about it a few weeks ago.


    • What was the title?

      N.B. Sean doesn’t have Internet access. I have printed this article from your blog and sent it to him.


  13. Good Luck …begin and continue 🙂


  14. Paul permalink

    This is such a powerful and intense write – thank you.


  15. SMiLes.. truth is online now
    reaches more than
    print ever
    it is free..
    How ironic..
    Free iS cheap..
    it’s the best now
    ever to share free
    no matter wHere
    wE are.. my friend..:)


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