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1968, The Black Panther Party

March 3, 2016

1968, The Black Panther Party
A Corrupt Government, and the Future of Humanity
Sean Michael, February 2016

There is rage in the streets
Tangible as the blood that marks the pavement

There is a revolution at hand

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To be free or see the grave

Even children march the town
Young, proud, and brave

To be released from oppression
Police brutality and a government depraved

Men are captured and tried
Imprisoned and locked in a cage

Sentenced for no sin except to be black
Proud warriors wear shackles and chains

“Liberty!” is the cry in the streets
The march for change

Fight to topple this totalitarian pseudo-democracy
Corrupted and deranged

Come together now people
And witness the end of a dichotomy

For if they could bind and gag Bobby in the courtroom
Surely they c ould do it to you or me

Not for black
Not for white
But for the future of humanity

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Posted for  dVerse Poets, Open Link Night #167, March 3, 2016


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  1. Very powerful Sean, I wish you all the best with your writing and life in general.
    You write very well.


  2. This is incredible…!


  3. I love this line: “Fight to topple this totalitarian pseudo-democracy”

    Great sound.


  4. Stephen permalink

    I read this while watching the republican debate and somehow that meant something


  5. I hear you!


  6. There is every reason to fight back.. I cannot really understand why so many are obsessed with pigmentation… Hope you are well.


    • It’s only natural to gravitate toward your own culture, but prison is very segregated. After 8 years of practicing these laws of segregation it became natural. The PBS special on the Panthers moved me. From a white man’s point of view, I saw a government that was too powerful and oppressing a group of people.The government does not deserve this sort of power. Nobody does. I saw them using this power not only over Blacks, but also any people who spoke out against them. The Panthers and their supporters fought against oppression. Anyone can be oppressed by government and corruption. Power to the people–all people.


  7. This is every strong and could be an anthem for the struggle. It is our fight and I take it very personally!


  8. Fight!
    Not for black
    Not for white
    But for the future of humanity

    We are definitely in the midst of a global upheaval.


  9. “Proud warriors wear shackles and chains” That is brilliantly done Sean.


  10. You write the anthem here. I am in Bermuda for two months and just read a short biography called “they called him Roose”…..a black Bermudian named Theodore Roosevelt at birth….took on his African name. He was a part of the panAfricanism movement……did so much…..and is so little known. Worked for the UN…..helped people in Africa, China….recognized the diaspora….
    Powerful here. Am also reading in the November 2015 issue of the Smithsonian, Slavery’s Trail of Tears. Awareness……and somehow a language that recognizes……Your words are well taken here.


  11. Sadly.. fear of different even rots with roots..
    now sTilL iN a Declaration of Independence
    calling TRUE American Natives
    then.. Savage.. yes.. now sTill..
    and waiting a hundred
    years.. before they
    are even
    then legAlly
    to be human…
    Clothes lie
    head to
    toe.. in culture’s
    griP oF cLotting Free Blood..:)


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