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Centrifugal Effect

February 29, 2016

Centrifugal Force: a force pushing outward and away from center.

I am the center, and my actions are the force. What I do, not only affects me, but those around me from within an arms reach to many miles away, from individuals to entire neighborhoods.

When I committed my crime, I was not thinking about the centrifugal effect of my actions. I never considered how what I was doing might affect others. I hardly cared for myself, let alone anyone else.

So, as I drank and did drugs on the night of January 5, 2008, I did not think about how I was hurting myself. As I walked the few blocks to a residence to step a truck, I did not think about ow selfish it was for me to think I could just take something from someone else. I never considered that things could spiral out of control. The death of another human being by my actions never crossed my mind. As I stole the truck, my only thoughts were on taking a joyride away from everybody and going to pick up meth amphetamines and get high. As I sped away from the scene, I was afraid and only focused on my own survival and getting away. I did not consider the dark street on which w was traveling and who might be on it.

Many things happened that night that I did not intend, and many things happened that I wasn’t even aware of until the next night in the hospital. I never considered the possibility of any of those things before I made a choice to walk that night to a residence I did not know and take something that did not belong to me

I’ve learned my actions, whether good or bad, right or wrong, will alway have a centrifugal effect, and I should be aware of this, no matter how small or how large that effect might be. It is not right to steal or burglarize, and I know this. I knew this before I ever did it in the first place, but I did it anyway. It is up to me from this moment on to make better decisions.


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