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A Prison Yard Murder

February 25, 2016

The other day, there was a murder on the yard. The so-called “I-5 rapist” was snuffed by his cell mate.

There was no big commotion about it. They took the killer to the hole, sipped the rapist in a body bag, and the next morning, we were back to “normal program”

Last year, there were between 10 and 15 murders throughout the California Prison System. I wonder ow many there will be this year? Often times what happens is someone ends up with a cell mate they don’t want, and when they try to move out, the C.O.’s ignore them. So they kill their celly, who is most likely convicted of rape or cild molestation. A lot of times, the rapist or child molester has a release date, and the killer does not.

When I was going to court for possession of a weapon, I went with another guy, who had killed his cell. He had told the guy, “If you’re a rapist or a child molester, tell me now, and I won’t move in.” The fool had lied to him, for some unexplainable reason, and ended up being killed when his celly found out the truth.

The killer was face g the death penalty. He’d already served over 25 years, in which time, his parents had passed away, as well as his son. “i don’t even care if they give me the death penalty. They can kill me. I’m already dead inside.”

The C.O.’s are too lazy to oblige with a cell move, so you get a guy like this, who feels he has nothing to lose, and he takes matters into his own hands.

Just another prison yard murder.


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