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Criminals and Gangmembers Anonymous, Step 1

February 22, 2016

Step One: I admit a problem exists

I reviewed my past, admitting a lack of strength and control over my addictions to illegal activity; I admit my lifestyle was not decent or manageable.

I lacked strength and control over my addiction…

In step one, I do not inventory my past, but reflect on my past to discern a problem of behavior. I began stealing from stores at age thirteen while living on the streets as a runaway. I was caught several times, but I continued to steal. I was addicted to the rush, and it became an obsession, a nagging and persistent idea that I should steal, because I wanted what I wanted quick and easy. The obsession drove the compulsion to steal, and of course, came the progression. I went from stealing bikes to staling cars with a crew, and I was spiraling more and more out of control, and ultimately, somebody died because of my actions.

My lifestyle was not decent or manageable…

My stealing showed a lack of respect for people, their property and personal boundaries. I stole more and more, whether or I felt bad about it and despite the consequences. Stealing became a habit that was harder and harder to break. It became the “normal” way of getting what I needed.

I admit a problem exists.


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