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February 8, 2016

I just joined a group/class called Criminals and Gangmembers Anonymous. The name might sound funny, but it’s a real group, and like NA or AA, it’s a 12 step program to work through. I am on Step one and, as I work the steps, I am going to write an essay/report on each one and share my progress here. The group is for people who actually want to change and no long be seduced by the criminal and/or gang lifestyle, which can be appealing to some who think it means “fast money and power.” People commit crimes and join gangs for various reasons, and as I work the steps I will be exploring this. The 12 steps are as follows:

1. Admitting a problem exists
2. Willing to believe change is possible
3. Having the free will to choose between good or evil (right or wrong)
4. Taking a personal inventory of all the good, the bad, the resentments
5. Honestly sharing with someone you trust
6. Identifying and abandoning our defects of character
7. Promptly correcting our defects when they surface
8. Making a thorough list of all those we’ve harmed
9. Making direct amends and restitution to those we harmed
10. Continue daily to take inventory of ourselves
11. Improve spiritual awareness through prayer and meditation
12. Freely share CGA truth and experiences with others.



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