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ILTAG In-Cell Studies

November 24, 2015

Scan 20

ILTAG: Inmate Leisure-Time Activity Groups

Today is Monday, November 16. Recently, I’be begun keeping a journal where I can write down the good, the bad, and the ugly, when I feel the need. Well, one thing I wrote about was this:

I had $220 dollars put on my homeboy’s books, so he can go to canteen for me , and suddenly, drugs are being thrust my way. Someone even offered me some meth for free! With money at my disposal, the temptation to buy some heroin has been strong, and it’s there if I want it. The good news is I have NOT! I just keep telling myself I’ve been there, and a couple of shots of heroin are probably going to upset me in the long run, and just how great it is going to be to have 220 dollars of food. $220 dollars of canteen is a lot!

While I was walking the yard contemplating doing some “H,” I noticed a dude sitting on the bench with a bunch of folders and paperwork. After some inquiry, I found out it was “self-help” in cell study work. Sounded good, so I am now enrolled in “Turning Point.” Perhaps, it was a little divine intervention. I’m finished the first lesson, and when I complete them all, I will receive a certificate, a copy of which goes in my C-File (central file). This is the kind of thing the board looks for. When I finish “Turning Point,” there’s “Victims Awareness,” “Anger Management,” “Parenting,” “Criminal and Gang Members Awareness,” and more. I plan to enroll in and complete all of these course.

I found doing this kind of odd at first, but I actually enjoyed working on the first lesson. It gave me a chance to think and reflect. Plus with all the negative stuff already in my C-File, I really need these certificates to balance things.


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