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Turning Real Life into Fiction

November 20, 2015

For a lot of authors their best material comes from their own lives. Wouldn’t it be cool if we all lived lives as interesting as Ernest Hemingway’s? He was a hunter, a fisherman, and a traveler. He loved to go on Safari in Africa and to watch the bullfights in Spain. However, it takes more that interesting or cool experiences to write a good story. It takes a good imagination as well, and Hemingway certainly had that.

When I first began writing my short stories, I though I could just write about something I’d seen, heard or done and call it a story. But, honestly, it was all kind of boring. So I took my experiences and turned them into fiction.

Hemingway lived in Key West for many years and certainly enjoyed the fishing in the coastal waters, but I doubt he was ever pulled off the coast of Cuba by a huge marlin as happened in “The Old Man and the Sea.” I bet if he’d just taken one of his fishing trips and wrote it down, it wouldn’t have been as fun to read, but a bill fight might…

Mostly what you have to do though is take what you know and embellish. If you play a lot video games, a story about playing video games would suck, unless maybe you got pulled into the game and had to beat it to get out, like in “Tron.” So, if you think you’ve had an interesting experience, think about it some more and just add to it until it becomes something else. Good luck.

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