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Court and Transfer

September 2, 2015

I went out again to court again recently — a 3 hour drive e to Selano then back. I arrived at the Silver_Shackles (1)courthouse at 9:45 AM and didn’t get into the courtroom until 1:30 PM.

My lawyer got the “possession of a weapon” reduced to ”manufacturing a weapon” and got my sentence reduced from the 4 years they were offering to 16 months. But because I have a prior strike it was then doubled to 32 months…added to my 25 years. I went ahead and took the plea bargain.

Then it was time for the long ride back. In all, I spent 12 hours in shackles. Suffice it to say, my ankles and writs were red and sore, and I was plenty tired of it. Unfortunately, I still have to return to court on September 21st to be sentenced. Not sure why that could not have been done today. At any rate, that means another long ride in shackles.

On another note: I should be out of the hospital in a week or two and back in regular prison. Most likely Salinas Valley or back to Kern Valley. Sadly, they wouldn’t allow me to go to Donovan in San Diego to be close to family.


N. B. from Sean’s Grandma:
Since Sean wrote this post, he has been transferred to Mule Creek State Prison. His new address is:

Sean M. Couch, AA9603
Mule Creek State Prison, A-5-241
P. O. Box 409020
Ione, CA 95640

Please write him. He’s depressed about the move to a place even further from San Diego and needs encouragement.


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