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Coming Out of a Slump

August 19, 2015

It has been an inspired week for me with poetry, I  was in a slump I thought wasn’t going to end. I hate when this happens. Sometimes I’m overcome by these irrational fears that maybe I’ve written my last poem, that I just don’t have any more left in me. How will come up with another idea for a short story?? And the longer the spell lasts, the worse it gets. Then I come to a point where I begin to think of myself as a bum writer wannabe—Hell, maybe I am. But then there’s week like this last one, where I write a poem every single day, and I think to myself, “Hey maybe I’ll be alright after all…”



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  1. I know exactly what you mean. My slump has lasted forever, and I am just now coming out of it after a very long hiatus which sucked. You can do this…keep it up.


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