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August 15, 2015

Today in group therapy, we discussed personal boundaries. The first question was about boundaries between countries and states, and as we went on, we discussed individual boundaries.

I thought that boundaries between countries were important, because they separate law and economy. I realize that as individuals, we each have our own laws about how we expect to interact with others in regards to our personal space, our time, and our property. It’s also important to realize that this interaction goes both ways.

When I committed my crime, I violated the boundaries of an individual and their property. I took something that did not belong to me and, in the process, someone died. When I came to prison, I demanded that my boundaries be respected, but I had not respected the boundaries of others. I made this demand for my comfort and survival.

I think that it is important to respect each others boundaries in order to live a safe and productive life. So that communities are safe for the children. So that what people have worked for and earned themselves for their comfort and survival is not lost. I think that this is a very important lesson for me. If I am ever released to the free world, I must recognize not only my own boundaries, but the boundaries of others, and I must respect those boundaries.


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