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Discharge & Writing

August 13, 2015

I’ve done my exit interview and will be discharged from this prison hospital in late August or early September. I will be temporarily transferred back to C.M.C. in San Luis Obispo. From there, I’m hoping to go to Donovon to be closer to San Diego, but who knows where the system will decide to place me. I’m glad to be leaving here, as I have gotten sick and tired of this place.

I have had a good result from being here though, getting my medications straightened out has allowed me start writing a lot once more. I’ve almost completed my autobiography, “Lost Child, Broken Man” —only 70-100 pages to go. I’m real proud of the work I’ve done on it. When I get back to regular prison, I’ll get my typewriter (not allowed here) and type it up while editing. I’ll send this second draft to my Grandma to put into the computer, then I’ll go over that copy, hopefully, for the final time. Hope to have it complete by first of 2016. It hasn’t been easy to dredge up all these memories, reliving the emotions all over again, but I feel it has been worth the effort to get it all on paper and feel it is worthy of being published. Maybe when I finally finish, I’ll put up a couple of chapters and let you decide what you think and if you would like to read more.


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  1. gonmrm permalink

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