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An Observer

August 1, 2015

Sean Michael, July 2015

Sitting in a prison transport van
Shackled hand and foot76

As we wait at the gas station
I watch the people
Starving for contact with the outside world

The windows on the van are tinted so I can see
them but they are oblivious to me
The real me

I see two cars pull into the station in tandem
and it’s evident they are traveling together
when they get out to buy snacks and fill up on gas.
Each car is full of kids and they trade
magazines and toys
I wonder where they are going

A heavy-set man is headed across the station
with his wallet in his hand
this day off or on a break

A good-looking woman in short shorts
and a fitness t-shirt is filling up her tank next door

I wonder what they are thinking

Then I remember prison ponder
and what I’m in for
All the tales I’ve heard about crimes committed
some bragging and others with a veiled
sense of shame

And I think to myself
Who am I?
Who are you?
Who are they?
Who is anyone to fuck with another person’s life?

I think we’re all just looking for the same thing inside
a little peace and happiness
and that’s priceless

So to let go of the selfishness and greed
the mistaken notions that lend us to misery
This is what it means to be free.


Posted for  dVerse Poets, Open Link Night #153, August 6, 2015



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  1. The view from a cage must be hard. Watching the day to day that so many take for granted, must seem great to you. We commit acts and lose track of all the beauty we have coming and going as we please. I don’t know the crime, you committed, but I see that you do what change. I see it in what you are spending your time reflecting on.

    We all do want happiness and peace, but we all don’t know what will make us happy and peaceful.

    Nice reflection piece….


    • Thank you. In prison, I’ve nothing but time to reflect and wish I’d done things differently. If you are interested in my case, you can google my name, Sean Couch; there’s also information on the About Page.


  2. I like the way you wrote from your perspective, but that last stanza reveals that we can all be in a prison of our own making if we aren’t careful. We all struggle with “the mistaken notions that lend us to misery.” Freedom of the soul comes when we let go of those mistaken notions and embrace the truth of who we are meant to be. Peace, Linda


  3. Judgement binds us in chains…truly. To let go is to be free. Thank you for sharing!


  4. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) permalink

    All I know is that writing helps with everything – emotionally if not practically. You write well.


    • It sure helps me. I’ve recently had my first book of poems, STYGIAN, accepted for publication. Still awhile before it comes out, but I am very excited.


  5. Maybe we are all building our own prison.. and never take the time to observe… maybe just seeing is what makes us really makes us free…


  6. scotthastiepoet permalink

    Sean, Brave writing with that kernel of truth – Great! I shall be back for some more… With Best Wishes Scott


  7. Like a scene from ‘The Fugitive’


  8. Excellent write 🙂


  9. Wow. To see the person behind the circumstances. To be seen. So much in this. So lovely


  10. A little Peace inside and happiness.. IS truly priceless..
    and an easier prize for folks who do have the ability
    to feel pro-social emotions.. including regret
    and shame for brinGing harm to others..
    INcluding the rest of Nature aka God..
    Fostering Love from
    childhood is
    A First
    Step in Nurturing
    Love.. and then peers
    who tolerate and accept
    differences among the tribe…
    People Love more when they need
    each other for subsistence and survival..
    People who are Loved more.. move a cycle
    of LOVE up instead of down.. KiNd MotherRing
    IS among first steps to LOVE.. to keep it GroWing
    is to Move.. Connect.. and Create in Life to Keep LOVE


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