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Out to Court

July 29, 2015

Sean Michael, July 2015

I’m on the level four 180gavel-dreamstime_1437513
A yard as hellishly cold as Hades

Killers roam the track plotting political hits
Last week in chapel, someone got their throat slit

I move carefully to avoid the snakebite
But somehow find myself ankle deep in bull shit

Now I’m out to court for possession of an inmate manufactured weapon
“His minimal eligible release date is 2033 which only means he goes to board,
because he’s serving a life sentence,” the D.A. says with a grin.

Easy pickings for the prosecutor
I’m only one of a hundred on the yard with a shooter

So pad that conviction rate
As I try to survive in a world of hate

I only meant to defend myself I’d say
But it wouldn’t matter anyway

I’ve got a record of bad choices and past mistakes
So once again I stand before a judge to pay

Four more years, they want to add to my sentence
And it’s harder than ever to say I really give a shit.


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