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Revive the Dream (Superstars)

July 23, 2015

Sean Michael, December 2014

Malcolm X had a vision!
Martin Luther King had a dream!
Now, listen, my brothers!
This is the truth!

This little white boy from the heart of poverty,
I have a dream too!
It’s not black for black
or brown for brown.
It’s not white for white.

It’s a rainbow of oppression overcome.
A promise like the promise God made:
To stop the gang violence
To stop the Dope Dealing
To end the hate
To end the silence
To start the healing
To change our fate

          Don’t squeeze that trigger
Don’t kill your brother
It’s the truth I’m after.
I hear the laughter of the cops
as another body drops.
I hear the laughter of the white collar
as confusion doesn’t stop.
As we run around the hood like chickens
with our heads cut off.

You might say I’m “soft,”
but what is “hard?”
Hard is to win the hand with these fucked up cards,
this motley hand at birth we’ve been dealt.
If the government won’t help,
it’s time we help ourselves
by learning to love one another.
“We can never go nowhere until
we learn to share with each other.”
That’s right, Pal!
Dead now, but living proof!

Hey, youngster! Stop and look inside yourself before
you decide to shoot:
Take off that color
Forget that street
Untwist those fingers
And he’s just like you!

What they label us,
that’s not who we are.
Look inside yourself
And you just might find
You’re a superstar!


Posted for  dVerse Poets, Open Link Night #152, July 23, 2015

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  1. That will preach.
    Love the strength in your voice and conviction
    To see a different world than whAt you’ve seen
    Its a rough world surely.

    Feels good to belong too
    And have respect but before you know
    It it gets a bit crazy

    But if we give something to belong to
    That stands for something
    It would go a long way.


  2. rum blue permalink

    Let’s all just put down the guns and dance. 🙂


  3. Truth, indeed. Very moving piece.


    • Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. My poetry is very meaningful to me.

      I tried to comment on one of your poems and got this message:
      “To view this page, you must log in to this area on”

      What’s with that?


  4. “time to help ourselves”…that’s true.. ultimately people’s mindsets have to change to correct social issues.


  5. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    Half sermon, half ballad, this piece reaches out, & hopefully will touch many, as it moved me. True this, every word; anyone disagreeing is doing so out of ignorance & greed & evil, using their unfair socialization as an excuse. I applaud your idealism & optimism.


    • I hope it will touch many also. I write to express myself, I write mostly for myself. But I also write as a way of reaching out– to understand and be understood.


  6. doesn’t matter the color; it’s the heart of things


  7. This moved me quite deeply.. brilliant 😀


  8. SPANKEY permalink

    Thank you for writing a positive, yet deep post Sean. Keep it up lil Brother, I needed to read something with substance tonight and it was right on time 😉 Love ya.


  9. I particularly like the beginning of your poem, the dream and the way you introduced it. It is within everybody’s reach and ability to stop the mindless violence if only we could pause listen to our inner selves.


  10. that the government could save us was always a fools dream – there is a strength in your softness that goes beyond what you might have know previously – fine words


  11. My favorite piece on OLN I’ve read so far. Well done! Very moving.


  12. “I have a dream too!
    It’s not black for black
    or brown for brown.
    It’s not white for white.

    It’s a rainbow of oppression overcome.”

    I love your piece –


  13. This was done with a skillful hands and and knowing heart. Love the message here!!


  14. Yes.. to see human as truly rainbow..
    instead of separation of
    hues of color
    and shades
    of black
    and white..
    is one tribe of
    love.. but the first
    step is feeling.. touching
    and loving.. from born on..
    loving nurturing hands are
    a first step to Rainbow Life..:)


  15. Powerful message….it reads almost like an anthem.


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