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Hidden Verses: One Trick to Writing Poetry

July 18, 2015

I’m sure that many authors have many methods of writing poetry, and different things work for different people, whether it be reading through a dictionary/thesaurus for an hour before writing or Songwritingjust coming up with a title to get started.

Sometimes my poems begin as unsent letters. I think of someone, and I write to them…speak aloud, and imagine their responses even. Before I know it I’ve got a page of words, many of which won’t actually be used in the poem. I have to do some paring down, heavy lifting and arranging, and usually, I find the verses are hidden somewhere in all of the words.

This same concept could most likely be used successfully with journaling and other forms of the written word.


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  1. Hey. What a pleasant surprise to hear from you today.
    I hope that things are well on the inside and that you are
    keeping your spirits up


  2. I’m keeping my spirits up as much as possible. Always writing. Hope you are enjoying the blog. My comments always take a little longer, because they have to be sent to me by snail mail. No Internet access here. Your comments are always welcome. Thanks


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