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Writing: Editing Your Work

June 27, 2015

I have found that it’s important to write your story from beginning to end rather than jump around from chapter to chapter, because that’s just confusing. However, for me personally, it’s difficult to proceed when I know the previous chapter came out like shit. The further away I get from it the more it will bug me. What I normally do is write a few chapters, then go over them, editing as I go, before proceeding to following chapters. It’s sort of like doing draft one and two at the same time. Of course, you don’t want to be in a rush to edit, because you could actually confuse and frustrate yourself, possibly causing your story to suffer.

Editing is more than putting pen on paper; it requires a lot of reflection mentally. I peruse Songwritingmy work periodically, correcting grammatical errors and every so often editing for content. There are other way to edit, but this is what works for me, actually rather well. Maybe it will work for you too or maybe not.

As I’ve been writing my autobiography, I’ve taken breaks to work on other projects which is an advantage, because I come back to the autobiography with “fresh eyes.” I also read aloud and have found it helps to hear the words, the flow of the story, when it’s time to edit.

I have no Internet access, but you can also use editing software to help you along. Here are a couple of options:



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